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Wings Global Home is an afterschool and kindergarten program for children aged 2 to 10 years old. We develop both children’s Global and Life skills. Global skills are the combination of English and intercultural skills, and self-efficacy, curiosity and social-awareness are the 3 elements of Life skills.


  • HOME is where children will develop their Global skills and Life skills.

  • Children always have peace of mind through their strong emotional ties with teachers and the feeling of being embraced and protected. Such environments, will trigger more interactions and communication.

We create a “home” environment where children can accumulate “successful experiences” which results in the development of a strong “mind”.

Two Skills To Develop

  • 01

    Global Skills

  • 02

    Life Skills


  • Feature01

    With a low teacher

    Student ratio 1:5 and our "one on one reading session," children feel more comfortable, thinking “I feel at home here.”

  • Feature02

    The all English environment is created by teachers coming from all over the world

    Teachers are graduates from top universities across the world and have various background such as lawyers and have met the very difficult criteria we set. They themselves have experience learning a foreign language by creating unique methods of acquisition.

  • Feature03

    The original English teaching methos and curriculum

    Open for opinions and criticism to always improve our methods.

Staff's Voice

  • Gakugei school

    Siyyon Sato


    I'm Ms. Siyyon, the manager at the Gakugei school. I have been working at Wings for almost 2 years now.
    I first joined because I was impressed about the private reading time. At Gakugei, we started with a few students but now we have over 100 students and many more contacting me to join. I am excited that it seems the company is moving to a more open culture where we can talk with each other freely. My biggest accomplishment at Wings is gaining the trust of the parents and co-workers."

  • Ikejiri school

    Milena Machida

    Part-Time Teacher

    I'm Milena, a part-time teacher usually at the Ikejiri school and have been working here for a little over a year and half now. I first joined because I live in the neighborhood and have often passed by Wings at Gakugei. I was impressed by the cozy atmosphere and happy faces of children and teachers. I knew this is the place I want to work. I love the philosophy of Wings to create a family-like , comfortable and fun atmosphere for teachers and students.The most unique thing here is the international, friendly, and comfortable environment and of course the team of great teachers, supervisors and managers providing it.

  • Gakugei school

    Fairuz Emran

    Part-Time Teacher

    I'm Fairuz, a part-time teacher usually at the Gakugei school and have been working here for a little over a year now. I first joined because I was interested in the design of the school, and I love the place. I identify with how Wings tries to create a warm and comfortable environment, helping kids be close and friendly with the teachers as well as giving students the confidence to speak English at all times. My most memorable experience here was when I was selected for all three categories of the part-timer award. One thing I've noticed about the management is how caring and professional the manager is as well as how efficient the supervisors are which helps operations run smoothly.

  • Ikejiri school

    Karina Kaczmarczyk


    I'm Karina, a supervisor at the Ikejiri school and have been working here for almost a year-and-a-half now. I first joined because I like kids, so I tried to find some work where I can be with them. When I started it was still the middle of the corona-lockdown. We were super busy, short of staff and everyone was worried about getting sick. Luckily, things are slowly getting back to normal, so the work environment is much better. The most unique part of working here is watching the children grow up and seeing them start to use English to communicate, improving day by day through hard work. My biggest accomplishment here has been being appreciated by superiors and co-workers.

  • Gakugei school

    Janice Huynh

    Assistant Supervisor

    I'm Janice, the assistant supervisor at Gakugei. I've been at Wings for 4 months now, drawn by the small teacher to student ratio and the flexible curriculum. It seemed unique compared to the traditional classroom image. The Wings team's diveristy is very unique and valuable as a part of the children's education, this gives students exposure to other cultures and values. My most memorable moment so far is the first time a student gave me a drawing. I was really surprised. I hung it on my fridge that night, took a picture, and showed him the next day.

  • Ikejiri school

    Maree Nacpil

    Assistant Supervisor

    I'm Maree, an assistant supervisor at the Ikejiri school and have been working here for a little over a eight months now. I first came to Wings because I had graduated college and the thought of working in Japan was always just a “imagine if...” until I decided to apply. I had worked with kids in my last semester as part of an internship and had so much fun that the thought of continuing to work with kids and remembering that idea of working in Japan... all of the sudden I’m here now writing a newsletter. The aspect of Wings that I most indentify with is encouraging students to speak what is on their minds and if they don’t understand something, being able to not be afraid to ask why. The most unique part about working here is seeing coworkers coming from all walks of life come together and connect over the students!



  • QDo I have to speak Japanese?
    AYou do not have to speak Japanese.
    We have staff on-site who speak Japanese fluently to have contact with the parents and with students when necessary.
  • QWhat is the uniform policy?
    AA uniform top is provided to all teachers.
    All other clothing and accessories are at the discretion of employees, provided they are not dangers and abide by Japanese public indecency laws.
  • QIs transportation reimbursed?
    AYes, transportation is reimbursed in your first paycheck.
    Just incase you were wondering, paychecks are distributed monthly.
  • QWhat are the working hours?
    AOur current operation hours are from 8:20~20:00.
    The working hours for full time staff is 9 hours during our operation hours which includes an hour lunch break.
    The hours for part time staff is a minimum of 4 hours during our operation hours.
    Scheduled hours are chosen by our company based on part time staff's posted availability.
  • QWhat days am I able to work?
    AOur schools are currently open Monday through Saturday.
    We are closed during designated national holidays and company holidays.
  • QWhat are the working benefits?
    AFor All:
    Free Snacks, Free Child Care, Referral Bonus, Contest Prizes

    For Full Time:
    National Health Insurance, Pension, Paid Days Off, Bi-Annual Bonus, Flight Subsidary, Housing Subsidary, House Hunting Support, Japan Life Support, Free Japanese Lessons, Free Health Checkup, Initiative Program
  • QWhich school will I be working at?
    AWe currently have 2 schools, Ikejiri-Ohashi and Gakugei-Daigaku. Both schools are relatively close to each other.
    Full time staff are generally assigned to one of these schools.
    Part time staff generally spend their probationary period at one of these schools but after completing probation may be scheduled for either school.
  • QHow long is the probationary period?
    AThe probationary period training is not time-based but skill-based.
    The more availability you have and faster you're able to understand the faster you will progress through training and the probationary period.
  • QWhat is the interview process?
    AAll interviews start with a short video submission. If chosen to forego the interview process ther interviews will consist of an introduction to the company, a series of questions, and some interaction with our students.
    For full time staff, the interview consists of 2-3 stages.
    For part time staff, the interview process consists of 1-2 stages.
  • QHow are my working hours chosen?
    AThe working hours are chosen by the company based on a few factors:
    During the probationary period, hours are chosen based on schedules that allow for on-the-job training.
    After the probationary period, hours are chosen based on the number of registered students for each individual school.

Available Positions

Part-Time Teacher, Full-Time Teacher, Full-Time Manager
Part-Time Teacher : ¥1,000-¥1,600/hr
Full-Time Teacher : ¥200k-¥280k/month
Full-Time Manager : ¥200k-¥310k/month
Working Hours
Part-Time Teacher : 4+ hours/day
Full-Time Teacher : 40 hours/week
Full-Time Manager : 40 hours/week
Job Description
Educator : As an English speaking teacher the first few months you will learn how to teach, and then you will move up to working as a main teacher, who takes the initiative to lead classes. You will be working with children aged 2.5-12 years in groups (approx. 5 kids per teacher). The morning class is for younger kids and serves as a preschool/kindergarten, then in the afternoon the school serves as an after-school program for older children. During your training you will learn about the structure of our school, however, we are also excited to discuss your ideas, skills, experiences, and methods regarding second language learning.
Manager : See link
Staff Benefits
Wings Perks - Our company provides each school with a fund for snacks to be provided to all staff. This means every day you arrive to work at one of our school there will be a snack waiting for you. There are also a number of discounts available for our full-time staff.
Housing Hunting Support - Our company will introduce staff to English speaking realtors to help you find a place to live. For full-time staff we also provide a monthly subsidization based on travel distance to our schools as well as a moving allowance for moving costs. Travel expenses is reimbursed for all staff.
Bonus - Bonuses can be provided twice a year from the 2nd year of employment. As well as a potential pay raise after 6 months of employment.
And More... Our company is always looking for ways to make sure our staff is satisfied. Due to this, we are continuously working on programs to help staff get accustomed to Japan, enjoy the country as much as possible, and live a healthy life. We are able to do this through our Initiative Programs (see the FAQ section for more information).
Part-time : Currently enrolled university undergraduate/graduate students of any discipline or university graduates with a Bachelor’s Degree or higher qualification that have a native-level English competence are qualified to apply. Applicants should be outgoing, creative, energetic, and interested in working with children. Working abroad also requires a person to be open to a new way of life, willing to learn, and able to take on challenges. No previous experience is required as training occurs on the job.
Full-time : University currently enrolled/undergraduates/graduates of any discipline with a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification, who have native-level English competence, are qualified to apply. Applicants should be outgoing, creative, energetic and interested in working with children. Working abroad also requires a person to be open to a new way of life, willing to learn, and able to take on challenges. No previous experience is required as training occurs on the job.

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