Hello! My name is Holly.

I am originally from England and recently graduated from the University of Cambridge. Having majored in a foreign language (Japanese) I understand firsthand the difficulty of reaching fluency in a language when there are limited opportunities to use it in a daily context. I believe that building confidence and finding an environment to practice outside of a rigid classroom environment is the key to proficiency, and Wings’ unique approach to teaching English aligned with my values, as I am sure that something similar would have helped me in my own language acquisition as a child.


Our curriculum focuses on English, but I think that Wings teaches more than that: Independence, socialization, emotional regulation, and general life-skills (especially for our younger students.) When I’m with the kids, I always try to remind them that simply trying is more important than aiming for perfection. By spending so much time with them, I get to know my students on an individual basis. I find joy in the opportunities I have to shape interactions and class time around each individual’s interests, strengths, weaknesses, and personalities. Not only do I want them to see me as a teacher but as a trusted friend, so I always try to lead by example with mutual respect, kindness, and understanding. It’s nice to meet you!