Hello! My name is Peter and I am a half South Korean and half Filipino person raised in Qatar. Qatar is a city of immigrants, and so I was brought up in a multilingual and multicultural community. I am able to quickly become friends with people of various backgrounds and upbringings and also relate to them through experiences I’ve had in the past.


As a teacher I believe that the best way for students to learn anything is through excitement and laughter, so I try my best to keep the students engaged with relatable topics or funny stories created using the lesson materials.


I can speak English, Korean, Japanese and German at various proficiencies and really enjoy learning new things about other languages! As a native English speaker and as a student of other languages, I understand how difficult it can be to learn a new language and where potential challenges might exist for students. As a result, I am able to identify difficult language learning points and simplify them for students depending on their level, while still keeping the content entertaining so the students can maximize their learning.