Dear Parents ,

my name is Milena Bancheva and I’m very excited to meet all your little ones and guide them through the year.

First, I would like to provide some background information about myself. I have been teaching English in Tokyo since June 2018, tutoring seniors in one to one sessions and teaching small groups of children mostly in preschool age. For the past one year I’ve been teaching the youngest class in Wings Kids Family .

Being a mother of two and teaching them English since early age having fun activities reading and chanting was always a part from our daily life. I’m very happy that now I can share my experience and make learning English more fun, pleasant and beneficial for my students.

To say I love all my students is just not enough, so let me thank you for choosing our school and entrusting me with your child’s first steps to English language.



私は2018年6月から東京で英語を教えており、1対1のセッションでシニアの子どもたちを教えていたり、主にプリスクールの子どもたちを少人数グループで教えています。また、この1年間はWings Kids Family の最年少クラスを教えています!