Hello, my name is Miki! I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. I started learning English from a very young age so I am fluent in both English and Japanese.

Growing up, I’ve always wanted to be in the education field. I decided to move to the United States to pursue my dreams of becoming a preschool teacher, and got my degree in Child Development with a concentration in Early Childhood at San Francisco State University. While going to school, I also worked at a preschool and gained experience working with children especially with infants and toddlers. After graduating, I moved back to Japan and started working at Wings!

I am very passionate about education, especially in early childhood, and I am continuously trying to find improvements in myself as a teacher. I believe I can bring a warm and comforting environment for young children, and can assist the new students to adapt to the new environment with my ability to understand Japanese.

My favorite part about being a teacher is building strong relationships with the children and seeing them grow in many ways. I love it when the children come up to me and give me hugs!