Hello, my name is Mariam. I come from Egypt, and I am currently studying in Tokyo for my post-graduate studies while teaching at Wings. English is my second language that I started learning at a very young age, just like Wings’ students. I believe that learning English is important in shaping their minds and opening up many opportunities for them in the future. For me, the best experience I got from learning English was that it helped me connect with people from all around the world. And I believe that Wings is a perfect place for this exact reason, as children get to learn from teachers who come from different countries and have different backgrounds. So they get to learn more about the world they live in, in addition to learning a new language.
Watching animated works as a hobby (and as my major) has helped me connect instantly with the students at Wings, as we always talk about their favorite cartoons and characters. But still, I usually find myself learning a lot from them especially when they talk to me about their unique interests. Whenever I do not know much about a topic that they are interested in, I would read more about it and discuss it further with them afterwards (these topics range from “Dinosaurs” and “rovers on Mars” to “who would win the fight in the film Godzilla vs Kong” and “who is Tutankhamen”).
My aim is to deliver an exciting and fun learning experience for my students at Wings, hoping it would be their first step towards a bright future.


こんにちは、エジプトから来ましたマリアムです!現在はウイングスで働きつつ、東京で大学院のための勉強をしています。ウイングスの生徒のように英語は小さい頃から学び始めた第二外国語です。英語の学習は精神を成長する、そして将来のチャンスを得るために非常に重要です。世界中さまざまな国の人々と繋がれたのは私にとって英語学習をした中で最も良い経験です。そして様々なバックグラウンドを持つ多種多様な国出身の先生から学べるウイングスは最高の場所だと思います。 私の趣味であるアニメの鑑賞やいつも話している好きなカートゥーンやキャラクターについての会話を通してウイングスの生徒とはすぐ打ち解けられました。しかし、未だ子供達のユニークな趣味から学ぶことが多く、その興味あることについて詳しく知らないことがあるため、私は本を読み、後により一層話せるようにしています。(話題は恐竜、火星探知機からゴジラVSコングにおいてどちらが勝つか、ツタンカーメンとは誰かなどについてと多種多様です。) 私の目標はウイングスの生徒に興味深く、楽しい授業をすることです。そしてこれが彼らの未来への第一歩となることを祈っています!