英語教育の経験が深いJayseは、カリキュラムの宝庫。子供達がWings Kids Fmilyで過ごす時間をより豊かに、濃密にしてくれています。親戚に料理人が沢山いることもあり、料理が得意。家庭的な部分もその優しい雰囲気も、子供達との距離をすぐに縮めて行きます。


Hello everyone! My name is Jayse and I’m from Canberra, Australia. Canberra is located about 3 hours south of Sydney and is also our national capital. I’ve been in Japan for over three years now, building my career as an EFL teacher. I have a Professional Diploma of TESOL and since completing my business degree I have started a Master of Education (TESOL) to further develop my teaching skills and expertise in this field. I’m especially passionate about children’s education and believe that a solid foundation provides the basis for all future opportunity.

I have almost eight years of experience in child education across Japan and Australia. Before coming to Japan, I was an educator at an Australian after school care program and a private tutor while attending university. I started teaching English in Japan from 2016 and enjoyed the experience so much I just had to stay! I am a fairly easy going teacher and believe that active engagement and communication in the target is the best way to create deep understanding. Creating a fun and welcoming atmosphere is the best way to learn and I look forward to doing that with you!!