もともと学んで楽しむことが好きなGabbyは、World Wide Wingsでもその気持ちを生かして子どもたちの学びを実りあるものにしてくれています!


Hello! My name is Gabby and I’m from America! I have a background in biology and health sciences, and something that has always helped me through school is my love for learning and having fun.


Working with Wings Kids Family has helped me combine these two things! I try my best to make learning a fun and very interactive experience, and every day I also learn from the kids about how I can make their time in the classroom as memorable and meaningful as I can. It is a wonderful experience getting to know the kids and understanding how each student best learns and has fun in class. I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to work with such wondrous and lively kids, and I’m so excited to watch them grow even further in their English-learning journey! Of course, I also try to create a comfortable environment for the kids to learn in by having small talks with them about their daily life.

I hope to not only be a teacher, but also a friend and companion who guide them through their English learning journey.


こんにちは!私の名前はギャビーで、アメリカから来ました! 私は生物学と健康科学のバックグラウンドがあり、学ぶことと楽しむことが大好きです。そして、Wings Kids Familyではこの2つのことが同時に感じることができます。