Hello, my name is Christine.

I was born in Korea but I grew up in many different cities- Seoul (Korea), Beijing (China) and Tokyo (Japan). I moved to China with my family when I was 10 and lived there for about 7-8 years and now I am living in Tokyo with my family.


I majored in Global Transcultural Studies of International Studies at a Japanese University. When I studied abroad at UCLA, I studied International Development Studies and I realized the importance of education in development and started to become passionate about child & youth education. I strongly believe that educated youths have great potentials to make this society into a better place, and this have motivated me to become an English teacher here at Wings Kids Family.


I personally love children, I love looking at their happy smiley faces! I enjoy chatting and interacting with the kids. As I spent most of my education in an international environment (going to international schools), I know the importance and merits of getting bilingual education. Since I have similar educational experience with the students at Wings, I think I can better understand them and also help them to enjoy learning English as their second language.


I hope we can share lots of fun experiences at Wings and I am very excited to do so!






日本の大学では国際学のグローバル・トランスカルチュラル・スタディーズを専攻していました。留学先のUCLAでは国際開発学を専攻し、開発における教育の重要性を痛感し、子どもの教育に強く関心を持つようになりました。私は、教育を受けた若者はこの社会をより良い場所にするための大きな可能性を持っている強く信じており、それがここWings Kids Familyでの英語教師になる動機となりました。