My name is Chloe, and I come from the state of Kentucky in the USA (the kids always know KFC!). I graduated from my university with a degree in International Studies and wanted to do something with an impact, so I decided to come to Wings Kids Family. In college, I studied Japanese language and always had lots of great memories with exchange students from Japan, so I was excited to live here.
My life’s dream is to have a positive impact on others, and to put a smile on someone’s face everyday, so teaching at Wings is perfect for achieving that. Through my teaching, I want to improve each student’s English by helping them to have fun and enjoy speaking it as much as possible! After all, the best learning is done with a smile on your face.


私の名前はCholeといいます。アメリカのケンタッキー州から来ました(子供たちはきっとKFCで知っていることでしょう)。私は国際学を学んで大学を卒業して、感動のある仕事がしたくてWings Kids Familyに来ました。大学では、日本語を学び、交換留学生として日本での時間を過ごし、すごく素敵な体験をさせてもらいました。だから、日本で住むのもすごく楽しみだったんです。