大学では首席で卒業するなど、とても努力家の彼女は今やWings Kids Familyの中心メンバーの1人。


Japanese-born and Malaysia-raised, I have been figuring out ways to teach English and learn the language at a young age.
At the age of two, I began to teach my Mum how to say “My name is…” after consecutive hours of watching English television.
Flash forward to when I was old enough to go to school, I picked up the skills to communicate fluently in English and conversationally in Bahasa Malaysia.
However, my journey as a teacher only started when I was in university when I was undertaking my Bachelor or Hospitality Management.
I first realised that I liked speaking and sharing in front of people early on in my college years where I led presentations.
This resulted in my eventual desire to achieve the status of Valedictorian, which was a struggle that I achieved.
After I graduated, I was briefly hired by my university to teach a group of Korean students as part of their Winter School curriculum.
With the little experience in teaching that I had, I looked forward to everyday of teaching them as I saw them slowly light up with their growing abilities to use and apply the English language.
Now, as a part of the team at Wings Kids Family, I try my best to teach my students in a way that fosters healthy competition and the fighters in them.
I continue to teach these children everyday in hopes that they carry not only English education with them, but lessons that will last them a lifetime.


2歳の時、私は英語のテレビ番組を何時間か見たあとに、お母さんに「My name is….」から始まる自己紹介の仕方を教え始めたそうです。笑
今は、Wings Kids Family の一員として、生徒たちが切磋琢磨していくような教育ができるように努力しています。